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Hump the (Undie) Bundle #13:The KINK.COM Bundle

Just in time for Halloween we have the PERFECT bundle for you all! Many of you have been asking for this, and it's finally here.

Kink.com is by leaps and bounds the most dominant producer of BDSM porn in the world today. All competition must submit to the machine that is Kink. Here is a preview of what you can expect in this bundle:

Kink got started way back in the early 2000's with their first site called Fucking Machines, where they invented all kinds of homemade high powered dildos and vibrators. The early models were crudely made out of drills and other power tools, and they've gotten better (and safer!) over time. Perhaps the best sex toy they made was the modified chainsaw with big pink rubber tongues that slapped a girl's pussy silly over and over again with the gentle touch of a button.

Now well past their humble beginnings, Kink operates out of an absolutely gigantic historic military building in San Francisco called The Armory. It was once used to house weapons as... an armory... and even has a river that runs through the basement! It was practically a dungeon BEFORE Kink got there, and it's surely the largest sex dungeon in the world now. You would never believe a porn company owns this building ahem castle.

The kind of BDSM porn they produce is the opposite of the fake leather and gentle bondage you'll find at most other so-called Fetish sites. Their scenes are gritty, extreme and completely balls to the wall - sometimes literally. They live and breathe the dominant and submissive lifestyle, and have dedicated themselves to the craft.

Their porn is often so extreme that they always film interviews with the girls before and after each scene, so that there's never any question as to whether the girls were happy, comfortable, safe and well taken care of during the shoots. At the end of the scenes the girls always look completely spent and tired, yet smiling and happy to talk about the various stages of the scene they just filmed.

From bondage to latex, electrocution to triple penetration, and some water torture and public humiliation thrown in too. If it's an extreme kink, they have it here in spades.

It was difficult to narrow down the 4 sites that we eventually chose for the bundle, they have over 30 sites to choose from. We tried to work in some halloween content, though really all of the scenes are pretty fitting.

The Upper Floor is a regularly scheduled large sex party with a variety of themes, and takes place in a big classically decorated banquet hall type of room. Usually the scenes have multiple models, and there's all kinds of people hanging around the shoot who either just watch or participate or do their own thing with other guests. The models are treated as slaves and perform and entertain for the party guests at the bidding of their master.

Whipped Ass is a Female Domination or FemDom site where a dominant woman punishes a submissive.

Hardcore Gangbang is as the title suggests, and is one of Kink's most extreme sites. Ragdoll is probably the best way to describe it.

And finally Device Bondage sees girls locked into all sorts of compromising positions and dominated thoroughly.

We hope you enjoy our 2016 HALLOWEEN BUNDLE! We have a big surprise lined up for this one, so we'll let you know about that when it's ready. :)

-- Humpy Leftnut

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