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Bundles of porn. Pay what you want. Support charity.
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$1.00+ to unlock
11 scenes, 1105 photos
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19 scenes, 2074 photos
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Pay what you want

Name your price. If you choose to pay more than the current average, you'll receive another (bigger and better and nicer and shinier!) bundle of filthy pornographic materials. The more you pay, the more you'll receive.

Support charity

If we've learned anything while developing Hump the Bundle, it's that dirty porno money is hard to give away! Thankfully we've found a few brave charities who aren't scared of losing their Holy Rollers by getting into bed with us.

Not stolen!

When was the last time you paid for porn? How many hundreds (thousands...?) of times have you spanked that monkey without putting a dollar up? Show some support for the people who create the media we love the most, yet appreciate the least.

Independent porn

The sites in our bundle have been hand selected and are the leaders in their class. These sites shoot their own original content and have websites that consistently rank high at independent porn review sites.

You'll Support

At the end of this bundle, we’ll choose a deserving charity and issue them a check. The charity will be a 501(c)3 organization in the United States. This provides us with a lot more flexibility with whom we can send our charity money to.

Hump the (Undie) Bundle #1!

You've just landed yourself at the most controversial porn sale in all of the world's Internets. That makes you a very special person indeed. At least to us... a potential sale!

But you probably don't buy porn... right? Who buys porn these days?! It's (mostly) all free.

There are still people creating really good original pornography though, at least those who are still left. Almost all of the mom and pop porn companies have closed up shop over the last few years, as people have turned to free tube sites for their daily fix. Drastic was the decline.

Porn is the business that has been hit the hardest by piracy. There's no tour dates, tickets, t-shirts or other merch to sell. It's just the porno! That's it! It's enough, no?

It's supposed to sell itself. People are pretty into this stuff! Naked ladies and all that. We're pretty into it ourselves. Like a couple times a day into it... But alas, nobody minds stealing from the lowly pornographer.

Hump the Bundle takes away all the excuses. Pay anything you want. Give some to charity. Play with the slick and slippery sliders. Pay a few dollars to see what real porn is like at full unadulterated HD quality.

Our first sale has three different bundles of porn. All purchases over $1.00 get access to the first tier. Paying more than the current average price gets you both the first and second tiers, and anything over $12.00 lands all three. The more you give, the more porn bundles you'll get.

Yours truly,

Humpy Leftnut
Hump the Bundle

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